New Delhi: It seems that the people in the state of Bihar took an advice by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of how to pretend to consume liquor quite seriously.

A few days ago, after liquor was banned in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar in a statement said, “Such a big positive change has come in, why ruin it for a peg or two? Turn off the lights & drink juice, you will feel it’s the same.”



According to some state sources, it has come to light that liquor is being sold in juice tetra packs and apparently these packs are being smuggled from Mumbai.

As per current reports, police have seized around 250 tetra packs of juice which were containing bottles of a particular brand of English whiskey that was smuggled from Mumbai. The packs contained around 90 mm of liquor and were easily being sold for Rs 100 each though they cost around 40-50 rupees in Mumbai.

After this smuggling racket has been exposed, investigations in the case have already begun and two people have been arrested. The police have also informed that they are investigating if similar such rackets are operating in other parts of the state also.