New Delhi: While Indian soldiers guarding the border after repeated terrorist incursions are making sure that no area is left unchecked, they are facing a tough time keeping a check on their pockets and how their service for the country will benefit them in the long run.

With festive season around the corner, soldiers are contemplating why they haven’t received revised wages, even though there were differences in the pay commission award.

The new pay commission provisions have not pleased a lot of soldiers as their pay grade has been scaled below that of the paramilitary force. On September 30, just a day after the surgical strikes, a notification was issued which effectively cut down a large portion of debilitated veteran soldiers’ disability pension.

“Soldiers who went across didn’t go with an intention to get any reward…They wrote last letters to their loved ones, to be posted if they don’t return. Was it necessary for the government to announce the “downgrade“ right after the surgical strikes?” an online petition on the matter writes. 

Government employees have already received their revised salaries and arrears, and veteran groups are not amused as the pay commission gives the government employees an ‘unfair’ advantage.

In the wake of the surgical strikes and the Uri attack where 19 Indian soldiers were killed, Border Security Forces are keeping active vigil to nail any terrorists planning to attack Indian Army base camps.