New Delhi: Surgical stirkes may have been over but what has not ended is the politics being played by several politicians. 
In a new development that took place on Saturday, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP hit out at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and said, “What proof does Rahul Gandhi want when he does not even have the proof of his own lineage.”   
Further verbally attacking Rahul Gandhi, he said, “People who are pointing fingers at the Indian Army should be sent to either Pakistan or Dubai.”
“Ye log hamari sena par ungli utha rahe hai, isiliye aise logo ko Pakistan ya Dubai bhej dena chahiye,” BJP MP Babu Lal added.
Babu Lal’s comments have come after Rahul Gandhi on 6 September had accused PM Modi of doing ‘Khoon Ki Dalali.’ Soon after his comment, Rahul was massivly criticised and trolled on social media sites.
Ever since India Army conducted surgical strikes, politicians in the Opposition have not stopped targeting the Modi government and accusing it for playing politics and chest thumping.