New Delhi: Pakistan’s activities as a terror state continuously seek to bleed India by meddling in its internal affairs. In a latest revelation, NewsX has accessed an exclusive report of a committee set up by the Pakistani senate that expresses the intention of meddling in India’s internal affairs whether it be in Kashmir or in the rest of India. 
This report which has been submitted to the Pakistani senate makes no bones of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Pakistan’s number one target and seeks to expose PM Modi and RSS for their so called Hindu propaganda. 
The report also suggests setting up of two think tanks with the express intention of reaching out to Modi’s ideological enemies from political parties to NGOs or from media to Maoists. 
The report has been ostensibly set up to formulate policy guidelines on the latest situation between Indian and Pakistan. The main purpose of this committee report is to find out the so-called proof of India’s aggression in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and how to take it forward. 
Speaking on NewsX about this revelation, Defence Expert Col. (Retd) Danvir Singh said, “Pakistan is trying to blackmail and threaten India by saying that if New Delhi will talk about Balochistan then they will be talking about Maoists.” 
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had raised the issue of Kashmir at the United Nations maintained silence regarding the protests against Pakistan in Balochistan.