Amritsar: A courageous act of a woman saving her family from thieves has surfaced from Punjab. A brave lady in Punjab fought with four thieves when they were trying to rob a medical store and saved lives of her husband and Father-in-Law.
As per the CCTV footage of the incident, the robbers can be clearly seen attempting to loot the medical store at gun-point and attacking the shopkeeper. Later, a courageous woman comes in and attacks the thieves and hits them with chairs, forcing them to run away from the shop.
After the incident, the police have registered a case and are looking out for the accused.
Speaking to NewsX, the brave woman said, “I was thinking to save my family and my Father-in-Law who also helped me in fighting with the thieves. It was because of my Father-in-Law’s confidence and valour that we were able to defend us.”
“One should not lose hope in situation like these,” the women further added. 


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