Allahabad: In a shocking incident, an officer-bearer of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) was caught wearing burqa and molesting women at a Muharram Majlis, a programme recalling and showing respect for Muharram on Saturday night. 
An FIR was lodged against the accused, Abhishek Yadav by the police. As per reports, Abhishek was accompanied by another person also donning a burqa, who managed to flee from the place.  
A milaad programme was taking place in Mauaima district in Allahabad in which Muslim clerics were delivering religious speeches. The crowd was segregated on the basis of gender and male and females were sitting separately. At around 11.50 pm, a woman sitting beside burqa-clad Abhishek Yadav felt something wrong and complained about the same. Locals on becoming suspicious, asked the person to take-off the veil. The person refused to do so, after which some of the women there snatched away his veil. 
Abhishek Yadav was identified by a few present there, after which he was thrashed black and blue. Yadav was admitted to Beli hospital. 
Yadav has been charged under sections 296 and 354 A. However, he has also filed a cross FIR against seven people for beating him.