New Delhi: Coming as a taint on the Khaki, a police constable has been temporarily taken off his duty for trying to rape a female colleague during a patrol at Sewree jetty. What comes as appalling and shameful is that the seniors tried to hush the incident instead of pressing charges against the accused constable.

The incident, which took place earlier this year, only made headlines now because deputy police commissioner Sunita Thackeray finally suspended the accused.

Raju Bijore was on patrol with a female constable at Sewree jetty in April when he allegedly tried to molest the female officer after seeing that the place was deserted.

“I tried pushing him back. I said, `Please stop, don’t do this to me’. But Bijore wouldn’t leave me,” the woman constable wrote.

After protesting, she managed to escape the clutches of Bijore and approached her senior officers at the Sewree police station where both of them are attached. However, the senior officers, fearing that the charges would cause them embarrassment, did not take any action and instead told Bijore to apologise to the woman constable.

It was only after the recently-appointed DCP Thackeray came to know about the incident which led to the suspension of Bijore.

A cop at the Sewree police station said that the woman constable was ‘almost raped’, Mirror reported.