New Delhi: The security guard who was arrested for the murder of one of India’s best perfumer, Monika Ghurde, has confessed to the police that he hid on the terrace of the apartment complex for two days before breaking into her home and murdering her.

Goa police on Tuesday said that Monika Ghurde, who was 39, died due to asphyxiation. However, the ordeal she went through at the hands of the accused, Rajkumar Singh, was more than torture and death.

Singh confessed to the police that he was obsessed with the perfumer from the day when she came looking for apartment in the locality.

“The accused was attracted towards Monika since the day she inquired about availability of a flat in the complex and later followed her movements when she started residing there. After his duty as a security guard, he would wash cars of the residents, including that of Monika,” the officer said.



Rajkumar was angry and was filled with grudge after he was taken off his job due to repeated complaints from Monika Ghurde and other residents in the apartment complex.

After hiding on the terrace for two days, Rajkumar broke into Monika Ghurde’s house and overpowered her. When she became unconscious, he tied her to a bed. He then proceeded to sexually assault her before choking her with a pillow and strangling her by the neck.

The moment when Rajkumar was arrested: 



Before killing her, Rajkumar Singh forced Ghurde to reveal her ATM card details.

It is also being alleged that the agency for which Rajkumar worked for, had refused him two months of salary which was Rs 22,000 following the complaints.

Monika Ghurde was found dead at her apartment in Goa’s Sangolda village on October 5.