New Delhi: With the whole country speculating about the status surrounding the ailing Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, who has been admitted at the Apollo Hospitals, former Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju wrote an impassioned ‘love’ note to Jayalalithaa.

Katju, who is not new to controversial remarks, went to Facebook where he dispelled all the rumours surrounding her health and added that Jaya’s opponents were all ‘langoors’ (Monkeys).

In the Facebook post, Katju wrote: “All these Cassandras of doom will be disillusioned. Jayalalitha is a sherni, and her opponents are langoors. She will recover and be back to work. When I was a young man, and she too was young I thought her extremely attractive and had fallen in love with her, though of course she did not know about it, and it was unrequited love. I still find her attractive (which unfortunately I am not now), and am still in love with her, and wish her speedy recovery. Hari Om”

However, Katju later removed the post from the social media account, purportedly because of appalling content of his letter. But he went on to post about several chance meetings that had taken place between him and Jayalalithaa and how fondly he remembered them.