Kolkata: In Murshidabad district of West Bengal, a group of around 50 men forced a farmer to shave the head of his wife, as the wife was believed to be in an extra-marital relationship with some other man. The ghastly act was done after the woman and her family failed to pay a penalty of amounting to Rs. 6000. 
As per police, Mariam Bibi (30), the victim was dragged outside her house in order to make the entire village watch the punishment of shaving her head, enforced by the “Salisha Sabha,” which is like the local version of khap panchayat.
As per reports, Mariam, who had been married for 14 years, ran away with her lover from a nearby village on October 2 to Durgapur. However, she returned on October 9 when her beau refused to give a formal name to their relationship. She told the truth to her husband, who accepted her back. 
After Mariam’s return, a ‘sabha’ was organized for discussing the entire incident, in which she was held guilty. As a result, the family was asked to pay a penalty of Rs 6000. When the family, due to its poor financial condition, failed to pay the amount, the villagers then resorted to something cruel. They decided to chop the hair of the woman. 
On this, the husband of the woman protested, but all in vain. The villagers, instead, assaulted him and forced him to shave his wife’s head. 
Mukesh Kumar, SP, Murshidabad said that four arrests have been made in the case, of which three names were mentioned in the complaint and the fourth has been arrested after the initial investigation of the police.