New Delhi: All India Muslim Personal Law Board held its ground by rejecting the Law Commission and the proposal for adopting the Uniform Civil Code.
Terming Law commission as “biased”, AIMPLB’s Hazrat Maulana Wali Rehman said that the Law Commission is working as a government body rather than an independent body. 
Muslim Personal Law Board further said, “We live in this country in accordance with the Constitution, which grants us freedom to live & practice our religion.” “Also, India is a country which is very diverse culturally, and all of them should be respected,” the Board further added.  
Quoting the example of India, the Board said when America follows its personal laws and identity, why can’t our nation follow their footsteps?
Giving a warning to the Centre, AIMPLB said that the Centre should not interfere with religion. 
This comes in the backdrop of the heavy momentum gaining pace in India regarding the ban of Muslim personal law of triple talaq by two prominent Muslim women groups. By adopting uniform civil code, all the personal laws of different religions will stand nullified and one law will prevail for all, irrespective of the religion. 

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