New Delhi: While we thump our chests on fast pace of development happening in the country and proudly talk about ‘Digital India’, there is another India that continues to struggle for even basic necessities like clean water and toilets. 
This harsh truth surfaced once again when a woman in Kanpur was forced to sell her mangalsutra to build a toilet at her residence. 
“We used to face a lot of problems; finally decided to build the toilet after PM Narendra Modi’s campaign inspired me,”said Lata Devi Diwakar.
She said that toilet was a basic necessity unlike jewellery so she decided to sell the mangalsutra. She also added that she did not get help any help from the govt for constructing the toilet. 
“Toilet is a basic necessity, compared to jewellery and so I sold them. Didn’t get any help from the government,” she said.
Well, we hope that her story inspires many more people and they also do their bid for ‘Swacch Bharat’.