New Delhi: The Cauvery crisis has had debilitating effect on the inter-state relationship between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, so much so that now the transportation of simple goods from one state to another has turned deadly expensive.

Truck drivers who are approached with the task of transporting goods are hesitant or flatly refuse fearing that there might be abrupt attacks against them. The 350 km stretch is a dangerous task with the Cauvery issue in the background.

“While the border has reopened, I cannot say prices have fallen to levels as before. There is still about 20per cent inflation in transport charges,” FE quoted Tirupur-based apparel manufacturer as saying.

“While rates have come down from the in ave come down from the inflated levels seen during the peak of the water-sharing dispute, the larger problem appears to be supply of vehicles. The price of a 20-feet truck lease for the Chennai-Bengaluru trip hovers around Rs 11,000 today, down about Rs 5,000 during clashes between people of the two states. But, it was around Rs 13,000 on Wednesday against the Rs 9,000,” another logistics manager said.

Much like how the Madhesi agitation in Nepal crippled the movement of trucks and other sensitive material, the consternation around the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka is similar.