NEW DELHI: Social media is all about picking up discussions today. As soon as the internet crazy generation finds one, there is soon a buzz on it and within no time, it starts trending on different platforms. 

Well, the latest to join the league is Baba Ramdev’s ‘assumed’ association with Maggi, which is going through its difficult times nowadays in India and even internationally. 

Several states in India, including the capital and Maharashtra have already banned Maggi, manufactured by a global brand Nestle amid countrywide controversy over excessive use of lead and MSG in it. However, the 2-minute noodles brand has continued to maintain that it is safe and would be back on the shelves soon. 

“Maggi noodles are completely safe and have been trusted in India for over 30 years. The trust of our consumers and the safety of our products is our first priority,” the company said in a statement

As the ban on Maggi left many hearts broken, the social media buzz has given a different angle to the matter altogether. Several Twitter posts are getting viral on internet showing an image of ‘Baba Ramdev’s Maggi’ which explains that Baba Ramdev under his brand ‘Patanjali’ is now launching the fresh version of the instant noodles giant or probably this is what people are expecting the yoga guru to do. 

While the company has not given any reaction to it, Baba Ramdev has finally broken his silence and clarified that Patanjali is not making anything like Maggi. It is to be noted that Photoshop in the past as well has worked wonders for people to make, or break any brand. Isn’t it?

Amid major chaos, it is yet to be seen if an ‘ayurvedic’ version of Maggi will be coming up or not. If yes, who will endorse it this time is another big question. However, until these queries are answered, you can only have a good laugh over these mocking tweets on the matter.

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