New Delhi: Taking place near Kairana, Uttar Pradesh, a 45-year-old gangrape victim who was on her way to the court was purportedly shot at by accused persons. The incident evidently took place on Friday afternoon.

The family of the victim named seven persons in the FIR, four of which were accused for gangrape. The accused persons had threatened the victim of dire consequences if she went to the court with the case.

However, police are sceptical about the story and claimed that the family of the victim might have cooked up the story as they have an old land dispute to deal with.

“The locals have told the police to have heard the gunshots and having seen two persons running away from the place informed by the victim and her family. But, those who were seen running could have been planted by the victim’s family. We have sought medical report about injuries of the victim from the doctors attending her. She has sustained injury on her hand and leg”, the Indian Express quoted the police as saying.

But seeing only the narration of the police could further dampen the case for the victim. The victim was seriously injured due to the gunfire and was admitted to a hospital.