New Delhi: A girl student at Hyderabad’s Sri Chaintanya College committed suicide through self-immolation on Tuesday inside her room in the hostel, police reporting on the incident said.

Minutes before she killed herself, 16-year-old Sathvika called her mother and sought her permission to leave the hostel. After the phone call, Sathvika is believed to have doused herself with petrol and set herself on fire.

Students inside the college said that Sathvika had attended classes till 12:30 pm, following which they saw smoke emanating from Sathvika’s hostel room around 1:30 pm.

“We are not sure if she used petrol, kerosene or a deodorant, as the scene was heavily burnt, even after school officials doused the fire. We have taken samples from the body and the ash, to investigate this further,” NDTV quoted police officer Bujanga Rao as saying.

No suicide note has been recovered from Sathvika. Her parents, who are farmers, are distraught about the news of their daughter’s death.