New Delhi: Karwa Chauth is the Hindu festival celebrated primarily by married women. They celebrate the day by fasting for their husband’s prosperity, longevity of life and wealth.
Karwa Chauth festival will be celebrated today, October 19 or the fourth day after full moon in the Karthik month usually before Diwali and 10 days after Dussera. 
Here we have a list of six surprising, yet romantic, gifts for your wife on this auspicious day. Happy Karwa Chauth!
1. Keep the fast (Vrat) with her 
Though this might be a bit difficult for you to do. It is then that you will appreciate her efforts and her love for you. 
2. Cook for the family whole day
Instead of making your wife cook for the family, take her job for the day and cook for the entire family.
3. Skip your office and spend whole day with her 
Try to skip your office and make her feel special by spending whole day with her. Watch your favourite movie together or spend some quality time with her at home.
4. Surprise her with gifts the whole day
Instead of giving her gifts all at once, you can surprise her with gifts whole day. You can even play a treasure hunt game with her to make her happy and busy whole day. 
5. Surprise her with a Karwa Chauth party
You can arrange a Karwa Chauth party for her and can invite her close friends. If not a Karwa Chauth party, you can invite her friends for the day so that she can have fun.
6. Be the perfect husband
Show her how much you love her and how much she matters to you by making her day perfect.