Mumbai: Commissioner of Police, D Padsalgikar has laid down strict guidelines for Mumbai cops to stop them from eating unhealthy street food like vada pav and samosas and insisted them on developing healthy food habits.

“Given the work structure, the constables are seen surviving on street food. They are devoid of healthy food. They are seen eating junk like vada pav or samosas on the streets. This has led to an increased heart diseases and obesity. This even affects their working capacity, “a senior officer told a Mumbai daily.

According to statistics 35 policemen had died in 2015 because of heart attacks. The data also reveals that 30% of police who died on duty were suffering from heart disease.

 Joint Commissioner, Anup Kumar Singh said that there are various sessions being organised where the policemen are taught the benefits of eating healthy the aim behind all this to maintain a healthy police force.

Earlier, Hyderabad police department has made it obligatory for all police stations to have gyms. Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy made the announcement of accommodating fitness centres in all police stations in the city and it was made obligatory for all policemen to attend the gym for at least an hour.

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