New Delhi: The Government Medical College in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram has issued a dress code prohibiting girls from wearing jeans and ‘noisy ornaments’.

According to a set of rules in regards to the MBBS course, girl students have been instructed to wear only sari or churidar and have been discouraged from hairstyles other than the chaste bun. ‘Noisy ornaments’ will not be allowed.

Male students are instructed to wear formal dress with shoes.

Meanwhile, the faculty doctors complained that the new diktat including the banning of jeans in the institution campus has discrepancies.

“Institution can have dress code but this has discrepancies. What is wrong in jeans?” said Santhosh Kumar, Confederation of Medical College doctors.

He said that the dress code should be rational.

“In a multi cultural setting like this we have to be inclusive. If there is a dress code then it has to be rational,” said Santhosh.

This is not the first time institutions have decided on imposing restriction upon the freedom of chosen what to wear.

Earlier this year, a college in Kozhikode banned girls from wearing jeans on campus. Protesting against the diktat, a group of girls wearing colourful lungi were photographed which went viral on social media.