Lucknow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced the ‘Urja Ganga’ project, the estimated value of which is Rs 12,940 crore. With Diwali around the corner, PM Modi cleared Rs 5,000 cr of the budget for the work to begin. The project is expected to be the energy lifeline for Varanasi and it promises to change people’s lives by supplying clean fuel to their houses.
The Rs 1,000 crore Varanasi city gas project, the first such offshoot of ‘Urja Ganga’ to come up in the PM’s constituency, is part of Modi’s Rs 5,000 crore Diwali gift for his constituency.
“Experiences in the past have shown that one government lays the foundation and it is left for the second or third government to inaugurate the project. But we are a government that believes in laying the foundation as well as inaugurating projects,” Modi told a public rally.
The PM also said he is committed to bringing clean fuel to every household as the use of firewood causes severe illness and women are especially affected by it. PM Modi also compared this to smoking 400 cigarettes.
These announcements were made by Narendra Modi on his eighth tour of his constituency since he assumed office in May.