Amritsar: “While we wait for good things to happen for ourselves, we can do good things for other people,” and this is what this ‘Mobile Langar’ at Amritsar airport teaches us.

Stand-up comedian Atul Khatri on Monday came across people running a langar outside Amritsar airport and shared it on Facebook. His said he saw a mobile langar outside the airport departure lounge who were feeding people, taxi drivers and others who were hungry. He also said he was surprised to see this and initially couldn’t believe his eyes.

Here is the full post:

“I saw this cart outside Amritsar Airport departure lounge yesterday. I was initially surprised to see a ‘hawker’ inside a security zone. But when I asked them what it was – it turned out to be a “mobile langar” from a nearby Gurudwara!

They go around feeding free food to security people, taxi drivers and anyone else who is hungry. First time I have seen this.

God bless the Sikh Community!”

The community has a history of feeding people, be it Iftaars or cooking food for the refugees or offering food to the poor, Sikhs have always proved that humanity is the greatest religion. And at a time when world is busy in skirmishing, such acts remind us we all need to be united with love.


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