New Delhi: At a time when the world is busy in skirmishing, a class-apart act of love has shushed the religious voices in the nation where a Muslim couple got married in Shiva temple at Bhimnagar village in Bihar.

As per reports, Mohammad Sohan, 25, a resident of ward number 11 from Bhilmnagar village, was in love with a local Muslim girl Nuresha Khatoon, 20, for a long time. Thinking that their age difference could be of an issue the couple fled to Delhi after they love affair picked momentum.

After staying there for about a week, the couple returned to their home a couple of days back but the neither the village. After the respective families came to know about their love affair they decided to get them married, following which, the elders from both the communities, Hindu and Muslim, sat together to discuss the issue and eventually decided to get the couple married soon.

Following the current agitation between the two religions, a local Hindu temple which is dedicated to lord Shiva was chosen to solemnize their marriage to script a new story of social and communal harmony.

The wedding was performed in the temple in the presence of members from both the communities on Saturday.

The Maulana (Muslim priest) read out the holy Quran, while the Hindu priest chanted Vedic mantras at the marriage. The wedding was also witnessed by Hindu women who sang Hindu wedding songs and showered their blessing over the newlywed couple.

When asked that why the Muslim couple got married in the Hindu temple on first place, the mulana who got the couple hitched said, “It was all done to convey a message of communal harmony in the society.”

While some still fight over religion and communal rights, a beautiful message that ‘loves’ is the only strength that can bring people together was conveyed by this couple from Bihar.  

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