New Delhi: A high-voltage drama from Allahabad was caught on camera where a woman created ruckus in market and later threatened the cops when asked to end the ‘filmy drama’.
The video which was captured by a passerby shows the woman in an inebriated state. It also shows the drunk woman misbehaving in broad daylight with anyone who tried to calm her down. Later, when the female cops arrived on the spot to put an end to the drama, the woman smartly fled from the spot leaving the passersby and the cops astounded.
However, her attempt to flee the spot took a blow as a rickshaw puller took her to the nearby police station, where the female cops were finally able to put an end to her ‘drunk drama’. But as it proved, even the cops were not enough to get her back to her senses from her inebriated state.
When the cops asked her to sit down, she furiously threatened the cops about her influential connections.