New Delhi: Delhi Police on Sunday night received a call which kept them on their toes all night only to find out that the incident reported to them was actually a prank.

The call received by the police said that girl was shouting for help from a car. But when the police actually traced the car and found the girl, they found out she was screaming for help just for fun!

The control room received a call that said that a girl was shouting for help in a Maruti car going towards Dhaula Kuan.

The police in Dhaula Kuan was alerted the area was barricaded and the car was stopped two men were arrested but later it turned out that they were friends with that girl and she called the police for help just for fun. They were let off and there was no case registered.

“It turned out to be a bogus call. The girl and the boys were friends and they were drunk. They were returning from a party and just for the sake of fun, the girl cried for help. They were let off and there was no case registered,” a senior police officer said.

The police officials who stopped the car and caught the boys were later awarded for their quick response.