New Delhi: NewsX has accessed an exclusive video that gives details of ex-PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Moscow flight back in 2007. The video shows how a life-threatening incident was averted, which could have claimed the life of the then PM Manmohan Singh. 
In the year 2007 when ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was on his Moscow visit his Air Force One that we was travelling in had a terrible mishap. As the flight that the then PM was in approached the landing strip at Moscow airport, the alert Air Traffic Control noticed that the landing gear of the flight had not been deployed.
Fortunately the crew member of Air India One and pilots of the Boeing plane were informed by the Moscow ATC ust in time to save the life of the former Indian Prime Minister.
The video that has been accessed by NewsX is the flight data recorder of Air India One which preserves recent history of a flight through the recording of dozens of parameters collected several times per second. The data recorder clearly establishes that AI One flew below ‘electronic glide scope’.