New Delhi: The Pakistan High Commission staff member, Mehmood Akhtar, earlier arrested by the Delhi Police on Thursday morning, was let-off after questioning. As per reports, he was released because of diplomatic immunity.
The 35-year-old was detained after a tip-off over alleged spying and theft of defence documents. Two other men, hailing from Rajasthan, were also arrested for allegedly providing him with the defence documents.
The defence related documents, that have been recovered from Akhtar’s possession, will be sent to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
The staffer has been accused of possessing some defence documents. Not just this, the Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit has also been summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs.  
The tension has been simmering between the two nations but it is to be seen on what basis such an action has been taken. The action is certainly going to have huge ramification when it comes to India-Pakistan ties.