New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with NewsX, Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that Pakistan is aiding and abetting terror against India.

Naidu said that Pakistan has made terrorism a state policy and they are funding and training terrorists.

“They are erupting double standards. They are becoming a rogue nation, not behaving in a civilised manner,” he said.

The minister said India was always there to sit together to discuss the issue numerous times. It is a national issue, not political issue, said Naidu.

“From the day one this government took over, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited Pakistani president for his swearing in ceremony. Modi not only wished Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on his birthday but he also made a stopover at Lahore to greet him and his family members,” said Naidu.

“In spite of all this, Pakistan, everyday with no reason, is approaching and attacking our courses. Their high commission officer was found involved in spying activities,” he said.

On pro-Pakistan elements in Kashmir, Naidu said they want to create havoc and sabotage India. They are frequently trying to paralyse the life of common people, he exclaimed.

Citing that the future of children in the Valley is at stake, Naidu said the separatist groups are not allowing the schools to function. He said they are acting in the interest of some outside forces.

“It only affected the Kashmiri children. The state tourism which is the main source of income source in the state is affected,” he said.

He said Indian Army is responding in equal measure to the ceasefire violations in international border by Pakistan.