New Delhi: The Manipur Department of Fishery on Monday organised Fish Fair cum Fish Crop Competition 2016 at Thangmeiband Athletics Union (THAU) Ground in Manipur’s capital town Imphal ahead of Ningol Chakkouba, the biggest festival for the Meitei community.

Thousands attended the annual event on the eve of one of the most popular festivals in the region.

The festival is celebrated every year on “Hiyanggei gi 2 nini panba” the second day of the lunar month of Hiyanggei according to Manipuri calendar.

In Meiteilon (language spoken by Meiteis), ‘Ningol’ means daughter and ‘Chakkouba’ means feast.

On this day, married women go to their natal home for feast. Fish is the main course dish for the feast. Parents and brothers present gifts to the ningols.

 Ningol Chakkouba, the colourful social event symbolises the love between siblings.