New Delhi: Police investigating into the Amboli gangrape case in Mumbai have nabbed the accused persons just a day after the incident occurred in western Mumbai.

Police officials said that the victim, a 28-year-old woman, was searching for a house in the slum area of Jogeshwari with her husband when some local residents confined the husband and raped the woman.

“The victim and her husband were looking for a house in a slum in the locality with the help of a local resident. They were staying at the local resident’s house for the night, which is where the incident occurred,” DCP Ashok Dudhe said.

The police complaint lodged by the victim narrates that three of the accused persons took the husband out of the house where they tied him up. After that, the accused individuals forced themselves on the woman.

The couple went to the Amboli police station to register the complaint.

“We have arrested seven accused based on the complaint given by the victim, and one more is wanted, Deven Bharti said.

Police said that all the eight accused, one absconding still, have a history of criminal record. They have now been booked for wrongful confinement, assault and criminal intimidation and gang rape.

UPDATE: Mumbai Police have arrested all the eight men accused of the crime.