New Delhi: Good news comes for the Members of Parliament (MPs) as the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has agreed to provide 100% raise to them, amounting the salary from Rs 50,000 per month to Rs 1 lakh. 
Not only their salary, but the PMO is also set to revise their allowances as well.  Totalling the entire salary break-up, the salary of the parliamentarians will now climb from existing Rs 1,90,000 to Rs 2,80,000 per month. 
The proposal was made by the Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament, headed by BJP MP Yogi Adityanath. Earlier, PM Modi was to set up a separate commission for it, but discarded it due to the pressure from the MPs. 
Talking about parliamentarians’ allowances, the constituency allowance of an MP will jump from existing Rs 45,000 per month to Rs. 90,000, the secretarial assistance and office allowance will climb to Rs 90,000 per month from existing Rs 45,000. 
The government is also mulling over the increase of President’s salary from current Rs 1.5 lakh per month to Rs 5 lakh, and governor’s salary from current Rs 1.10 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh.