New Delhi: Chennai police and animal rights activists have raided many roadside eateries that use cat meat to make biryani in the state’s Pallavaram area.

According to reports, cats were trapped, abducted and then boiled alive to make biryani and also the cat meat was being sold at Rs 100 per kg.

Sagar Sheth, an activist who was part of the rescue team, said, “At the corner, there was a man chopping meat. He told us that it was cat meat and that it was to be sold. Rs 200 for 2 kgs he said, it was that cheap. A man even ate a raw piece of meat and recommended that we try black cat’s blood.”

Police and volunteers from People for Animals (PfA) rescued at least 16 cats, which were kidnapped and then kept in cages without food and water.

The animals were in a dismal condition, some infested with maggots and all of them suffering from dehydration.

In 2010, The New Indian Express had reported that cat biryani was part of the main course of marriages in the Narikurvar community, followed by cat soup, served on the occasion of the birth of a male child.

So the next time you stop for biryani at a roadside eatery shop in Chennai, you may have to reconsider your decision.