New Delhi: A petitioner has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in Gujarat High Court seeking a ban on the sale of Shilajeet – a medicinal product to enhance sexual prowess – by Ramdev’s Patanjali brand.

Citing that Patanjali is a very revered saint of Hindus, Aditya Rawal, a member of Vishwa Hindustani Sangathan, filed the PIL against the product. He said that sale of Shilajeet under the brand name hurts religious sentiments.

Rawal’s lawyer said Rishi Patanjali has a very high status in the Hindu traditions and it is not proper to associate the sale of a product like Shilajeet with the same name.

Patanjali’s Shilajeet capsules claim to be one of the ‘best natural anti-aging products’ and an aid to increase immunity.