New Delhi: A woman in Kerala, who was allegedly gang raped by her husband’s friends was humiliated by the police and forced to withdraw her complaint. The gang rape victim, allegedly, was put through humiliating questions by the police. One policeman, the woman said, asked him as to which of the rapists gave her the “maximum pleasure”.
The rape victim said that the humiliation and threats of the police were more dreadful and horrifying than the rape and forced her to withdraw her complaint.
The victim revealed that two years ago when her husband was away, four of his friends came to her house in Thrissur and claimed that her husband was in a hospital. Panicked, she went with them but they allegedly drove her to an unusual place outside the city and took turns to rape her.
Two years later, the victim confided in her husband, who urged her in August to go to the police. However, the police repeatedly troubled the victim and called her to the police station for four days continuously where she was made to sit from morning to evening and humiliating comments were passed.