Mumbai: Four more people, taking up the number to fifteen, have been arrested so far in the heinous incident that took place in Maharashtra’s Buldhana, where 12 minor tribal girl students studying in Ninadhi Ashran School were allegedly raped.

On Friday, 11 people were arrested. It was also informed that Special Investigation Team (SIT) woulod be investigating the matter.

Adding to the grievances of the raped girl students, three girls were found pregnant after medical examination. This is how the barbaric incident came to light. When these three girls returned to their home village in Jalgaon district, they were found sitting quietly in a corner.

When the Deputy Sarpanch of the village, on seeing all the other kids enjoying the atmosphere of Diwali except those three girls, asked them about their silence, the girls told that they were having severe stomach pain and felt something heavy in their stomachs. On this, the girls were taken to a doctor, who told that they were pregnant.

The incident is believed to have taken place few days before Diwali. So far, eleven teachers have been arrested.
Currently, all the 12 girls have been sent to a hospital in Akola district for proper medical treatment.