Mumbai: One, looking at the picture, might feel that the car is decorated for a wedding and then the sight of a man clad in white crisp uniform, that of a chauffeur being seated at the back of the car raises the curiosity even more. Also, the orange beacon gives the effect of another VIP misusing government vehicles, but nothing of that sort is the case here.

In what can be called as an unusual but an unforgettable gift, G Sreekanth, the collector of Akola in Maharashtra, drove his chauffeur to office on the day of his retirement. Digambar Thak was given this memorable gift on the day of his farewell. The collector drove Digambar to office where the farewell ceremony was to be held.

The 58-year-old has served for 35 years as the official government driver and has driven 18 district collectors.
G Sreekanth praised Digambar for his service saying that he has always ensured that the collectors reach their workplace safely every day.
Digambar was extremely thankful and grateful for such a gesture by the collector he last served.