Kerala: Police on Saturday registered a case under Juvenile Justice Act against parents of a new born baby in Kozhikode for denying breast milk for 24 hours.
Another case of blind faith on religion even at cost of sacrificing one’s baby has come to light. A 24-year old woman hailing from Kozhikode refused to breastfeed her new born after her husband asked her not to do so because of religious reasons.
Hafsath’s husband, Aboobacker, told his wife that the baby should not be fed until five prayers after his birth was called.
He told police that he did not let his wife breastfeed the baby for 24 hours and claimed that he would take the responsibility if his child dies within that span of time. Fortunately, nothing happened to their child.  
Aboobacker also told that he was told by a preacher that a cord from the belly button of the child will provide nutrition to the baby. The family then left the hospital after the man forcefully asked for discharge.
The hospital authorities had decided to file complaint against Aboobacker for putting the child’s life to danger.