New Delhi: In a horrific incident being reported, a minor student allegedly shot at his school director at Jaora area of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh and fled from the incident leaving the director severely injured. 

The 15-year-old accused, identified as a student of Class 9 of Milestone Academy School shot at his director, Amit Jain, in a fit of rage after the director asked him to go home, put on the school uniform and return.

Further disclosing the matter, City Superintendent of Police, Dipak Shukla said, “The student came to school wearing plain clothes. His teacher asked him to go home and put on the uniform and return, following to which the student of Class 9 fired and injured Milestone Academy School director Amit Jain, who has been rushed to Indore in a critical state. After committing the crime, the boy fled from the school.”

When the minor entered the school wearing casual clothes, a phone call from the school was made to his parents informing them about his behaviour. The family was also told that the boy was absent on Thursday and Friday, after which he was chided.

Following the complaints made to his parents by the school, the minor returned with a pistol and shot Amit Jain in the stomach in his office room.

The accused still remains at large as the police further investigate the matter.