New Delhi: When the entire nation is feeling the heat of the debate on Triple Talaq, an incident from Ghaziabad has emerged where a Muslim woman has decided to convert to Hinduism after her husband divorced her and forced her into prostitution.
The woman in conversation with NewsX said that her husband confessed that he uttered the ‘triple talaq’ in a gush of anger, but wanted to continue to be married to her. Under Sharia law, a woman who has been divorced by her husband cannot remarry her husband till she marries another man and enters into a sexual relationship with him. Under the same pretext, the woman’s husband sent her to his friend.
When the woman returned after three months, her former husband refused to accept her and instead forced her into prostitution. 
The woman said that a local outfit, Jai Shiv Sena has offered its help in her conversion to Hinduism and has offered to extend all possible support.