New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has dismissed a man’s appeal against a Family Court’s decision rejecting his plea for divorce on grounds of cruelty. In the latest ruling passed, the court said that the denial of sex by a woman during her pregnancy is not cruelty towards her husband, a reason which normally entitles the husband for a divorce.

In the order passed the Delhi High Court, it further said that the assertion that wife wakes up late in the morning or wants tea to be served in bed would at best show that she is lazy and that “laziness is not cruelty”.

In the ruling passed by a bench of justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Pratibha Rani said, “Carrying a foetus in the womb she would obviously be inconvenienced by sex and assuming she totally shunned sex with the petitioner (husband) as her pregnancy grew would not constitute cruelty”.

The Family Court was of the view that the allegations made by the husband in his plea were “sans any particulars” and “vague”. The Delhi High Court agreed with this view of the lower court, saying the man in his plea has not disclosed any particulars regarding the allegations he has made.