New Delhi: In a major relief to pregnant women, Delhi High Court has said that a pregnant woman cannot be accused of cruelty by her husband, if she refuses to have sex with him. 
The decision came in response to a divorce petition filed by a man calling his wife cruel on the grounds of refusing to have sex during her pregnancy. 
The High Court bench headed by juctice Pradeep Nandrajog said that if a wife gets up late and wants her tea to be served in bed, then it might show that she is lazy, but not cruel.
The bench further said that a woman carrying a foetus in her womb would obviously be uncomfortable by sex, and thus it cannot be considered cruelty if she refuses to have sex with her husband during that time. 
The man, in his petition had mentioned that his wife had been rejecting his advances since August 2012. However, within a year of the marriage, the couple was blessed with a baby girl. 
The High Court upheld a trial court verdict saying that the man failed to produce evidence in support of the allegations made by him against his wife.