New Delhi: Images of new Reserve Bank of India (RBI) bank note have sparked endless speculations on the internet. Words were being thrown around earlier pertaining to the introduction of new notes by the RBI. 
Images of new Rs 2,000 bank notes were circulated recently on Twitter which spread like wildfire all over the internet.  Not only pictures, we’ve also seen videos of bank notes being shown to the masses. 





However, since no confirmations have come from the RBI itself, the internet did what it does best: solving mysteries. Reports also suggest that the notes are being printed in Mysuru and were dispatched from currency printing press. 
An introduction of Rs 2000 demonition is a feasible idea since Rs 20 came after Rs 10, same as how 2 rupees came after one rupee. All in all, until the RBI announcement over this development is confirmed, the interest for Rs 2,000 will still persist.