New Delhi: As per the traditional Hindu calendar Tulsi Vivah is an important ritual. It is the festival in which a Tulsi plant is wedded to Lord Vishnu. 

This year the date of the Tulsi Vivah pooja falls on Ekadasi day which is November 11. Some people perform the pooja one day after after Ekadasi on Karthika Shuddha Dwadashi. Tulsi Vivah on Purnima is on November 14.

Some auspicious dates for marriage in 2017

Jan 06, Feb 08, March 01, April 09, May 16, June 15, July 03, Nov 08, Dec 11

Tulsi Vivah 2016-17—‪‪ Important dates for marriage as per Hindu calendar

The auspicious pooja is performed after Amavasi (new moon) in Kartik month. The real pomp and glory of a real wedding is evident each year when devotees and temples perform this ritual.