New Delhi: After the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, banks re-opened on Thursday and people in large numbers gathered outside the banks to get their votes exchanged.

People across the nation had a mixed set of experiences. Absolute chaos was seen outside the banks in Bihar where people were struggling and fighting for exchange forms. “We are standing here for last two hours, bank officials are creating nuisance and not allowing us to enter inside”, said a 50-year-old customer.

All customers outside banks in Patna had to wait in queue for more than two hours before they could enter the banks. Many customers also had complaint that there were not enough forms for everyone.

However, the same was not the case everywhere people were very happy with the functioning of the banks in Nagpur where the customers were content and they did not have to wait in queues for long and neither there was any tussle to procure the exchange forms. “Bank officials are co-operating and helping us. The new notes are really good but I hope that I find change for Rs 2000 now”, said a customer.

Banks opened as early as 8AM and ensured working till late hour so that maximum number of people can be served.

In Delhi, the customer turn-out was maximum and chaotic outside many banks. People queue up in large numbers outside Reserve Bank of India to exchange banned Rs 500/1000 notes but the experience of the people was generally pleasant.

In general, the situations were chaotic in northern parts of the country but smooth in the southern parts of the nation.