New Delhi: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday in a major announcement banned two big value currency notes, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday strongly hit out the Prime Minister and said, “I don’t  understand one thing, how you end the corruption by banning Rs 1000 notes and introducing Rs 2000 notes.”
Not only this, but Kejriwal went ahead and accused PM Modi for saving his own people and said, “They informed their associates a week back and they have already invested their money. This will just increase corruption.”
Kejriwal said that PM Modi had already informed about this decision to his own people, who have invested the money in properties, gold and through other ways.
Speaking on the issue of government charging 200% penalty, Kejriwal said that the government wants to save rich people who have millions of rupees but will put penalty on poor people who have saved their hard earned money.
Earlier, Kejriwal had hit out PM for appearing on e-commerce website Paytm’s advertisement. Kejriwal had taken it to twitter and said, “Utterly shameful. Do people want their PM to model for pvt cos? Tomo, if these cos do wrongdoings, who will act against them?”