New Delhi: In a tragic incident that took place last month in Haryana, a minor student of class 6 was allegedly gang-raped by four of her seniors from class 10. The ghastly act was apparently carried out in the washroom of the private school to which the students belonged.
Further disclosing the matter, the Police investigating the case on Thursday said that the victim’s parents filed a complaint alleging that the girl was raped by a senior of class 10 and three of his friends in the school toilet before lunch break on October 14. The victim said she couldn’t identify the accused.
Commenting on the incident, Sheela Devi, the investigating officer, said, “The accused are students of the same school. The girl’s family reported the matter after 26 days of the incident and police started investigation after that. Police teams went to the main suspect’s home twice, but no one was there”.
The accused boys who still remain at large have been charged with rape and criminal intimidation under provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. 
Only one of the suspects has been identified so far, and no one has been arrested yet.