New Delhi: After posts regarding an error in the new Rs 2000 note went viral, there were mixed reactions on social media. Some users reached the conclusion that there is a flaw with the new note and people would have to again stand in long queues.

The alleged flaw was that the spelling of two thousand in Hindi was spelled wrong which was written as ‘दोन हजरा रुपया’. This appears twice in the note.

This news took the internet by storm. When NewsX came across the news, a team was assigned to investigate the matter.

It was found from the RBI website that among the 15 languages in which the denomination is mentioned, Hindi is not included. ‘दोन हजरा रुपया’ is written in Konkani which negates the presence of any flaw in the note. 

During the investigation, it was also found that the second time where ‘दोन’ appears it is in Marathi written as ‘दोन हजार रुपये.

Therefore, NewsX has cleared the air over the viral flaw in the new Rs 2000 note.