New Delhi: Amid the tussle to get the new currency from the banks, ATMs and post offices, an experience of a different kind has surfaced online. Viplav Arora, an architect from Delhi, booked an Ola cab from his house to the railway station unaware of the fact that he has mostly Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

On reaching the destination and realising the currency denominations in his pocket, he decided to pay the amount by Ola money, but the bill amount was more than the funds in Ola money account.

None of the ATMs at the station were working and nobody was ready to give change for Rs 500.      

At this point of time, the cab driver, Vipin Kumar gave him an appalling reply and said, Sir please let the rest of the amount be, it’s alright if I earn a little less it is only a bit of a trouble which everyone is going through. I respect the government’s decision; this is my contribution in the nation building. Sir please go catch your train.   

The Viplav Arora narrated the entire incident on the Facebook page of OlaCabs. The Facebook post has received more than 30,000 likes 5,021 shares and 648 comments.