New Delhi: After the rumours regarding the shortage of salt hit the western Uttar Pradesh, panic and chaos was experienced in the areas of Delhi and NCR, following which people looted a mall in the national capital on Friday night.
A video that has been doing rounds on the social media platform showcases public looting the Metro mall in Seelampur, Delhi.
The after-effects of the reports of the non-availability of salt also affected other states including Kanpur, Allahabad, Sambhal, Moradabad and Rampur. 
Earlier, reports said that people hailing from Bardaha village in Delhi allegedly looted groceries from the outlet to show their protest. 
As per the complaint filed with police, a shop owner said that the villagers looted salt and other food items as they did not have cash to purchase it.
However, police denied the claim and said there was a minor scuffle going on between a group of people.
NewsX however could not verify the authenticity of the video.