New Delhi: While millions of people stand in long queues outside banks, ATMs, post offices to withdraw, deposit money across the nation post demonetisation, Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das on Monday held a press conference and made some important announcements. 
Here are the highlights of Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das’s press conference

The focus of the Govt is to activate all channels whereby cash is dispensed to the public.

* Number of recalibrated ATMs will be enhanced within next few days, task force setup under Dy RBI Governor.

Micro ATM network to be leveraged to create high accessibility of cash.

* Old notes valid at private medical stores.

* Seperate queues for differently abled, senior citizens. 

Supply of cash to 1.3 lakh branch post offices will be enhanced.

ATM re-calibration has started; from tomorrow some of the ATMs will start dispensing higher denominations.

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Situation of supply & availability of cash was reviewed by PM Narendra Modi last night.

Banking correspondent will be now allowed to withdraw cash multiple times.

There is no need to panic for public; enough cash is available in the system.

Government departments have been advised to use E-payment network.

* Daily limit on withdrawals and exchange revised to improve liquidity.