Ghazipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday visited Uttar Pradesh’s Ghazipur district to launch new railway projects and spoke on demonetisation and explained the move taken by the government.
Speaking on demonetisation, PM Modi said, “My justice is a little ‘karak’ (strong).”  
Here are the highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech:
* I salute this land (Ghazipur) which gave birth to Vir Abdul Hamid, who taught Pakistan a lesson in 1965 war.
In 1962, Ghazipur MP told Pandit Nehru about dire state of poor in Purvanchal, then Pandit ji former a committee. After Pandit        Nehru passed away, many PMs came and went but that committee report is still lost in files.
* I am deeply pained over the inconvenience caused to the people. 
Today on Pandit ji’s birthday, I pledge to reopen those files, which his party and family PMs never did. Its my tribute.
We have brought a very comprehensive crop insurance scheme for the farmers.
I am the ninth Prime Minister from Uttar Pradesh.
What did the Congress do for 19 months during the Emergency? They made this nation a prison and arrested so many people.
Our enemy is printing counterfeit notes across the border: PM Modi on demonetisation.
Enemy is flooding our nation with these counterfeit notes. We need to put an end to this: PM Modi on demonetisation.
Yes, those against me are strong people. But, I will not be scared of them. I will not leave the path of truth & integrity.